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RokSprocket needs the RokCommon Library and Plug-in installed and enabled. The RokCommon System Plug-in needs to be before the RokSprocket System Plug-in in the Plug-in Manager


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-2016 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator survey reveals planned investment at all-time high: 72 percent of respondents to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. Fifty percent of respondents said their organizations are paying more attention to energy efficiency today than they did a year ago, with 72 percent anticipating increased investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy over the next 12 months. Click HERE for full article. "WRCBTV," 6/23/16

-Cleanroom Equipment Market Is Growing, Led by HVAC Systems; The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are the largest end-users. Read complete article HERE. "The News," 6/23/16

-ASHRAE Conference goes this weekend - Topics include nearly every technology used in HVAC&R including alternative refrigerants, fire and smoke control, smart control systems and sources and efficient utilization of renewable energy. "The News" 06/17/16

-DOE finalizes Regional Standards Enforcement. Standards apply to installations in the South and Southwest portion of the country but may impact record keeping for distributors across the U.S. as of 01 July 2016. Refer to the DOE website or the "Brochure" for contractors and homeowners.

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Diversitech May-June 2016


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Your Winsupply of Dallas location now has a duct board grooving machine for your use.

At Winsupply of Dallas, we are investing in your business by providing the services that you desire at our convenient location in Carrollton, TX. Come in and see our Glass Master SG-220 at work. The SG220 is a high-volume duct board production machine, capable of grooving 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2” board thickness. You can fabricate fiber glass duct systems 10 to 20 times faster than using hand techniques. Our system’s has a cycle time of less than 10 seconds with a continuous feed capable of 1 linear foot per second. The tooling features insures cleaner staple flaps and allows for automated closure. This is guaranteed to save you valuable time and money.

Come on in and try it out. Available for your use at YOUR Winsupply of Dallas.